I am a creative and passionate innovation engineer with an eager to learn new things. Strong educational and professional background within manufacturing and product development. Everything I do will be executed through structured planning and strategical thinking with an analytical approach. 
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My name is Jesper Nilsson and I am originally from the middle part of Sweden, Köping, generally interested in technology, design, exercise, sports and lately photography. Right now my letter box is located in Västerås. I believe it is important to stay up to date in different kinds of areas. Therefore, I am trying to absorb all news from different fields. Last, I love to travel and everything about the idea of interacting with people, eating different food and learn about cultures. Spending a year abroad in India and a year in Germany provided me with an open mind and ability to adapt myself. 
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For me everything ever created in this world is designed in some way, often worse than better. Often due to bad manufacturing skills, material and cost. I think we should always try to embrace the material and the manufacturing process as part of the design as well as the core functions of the product. The most problematic challenge in every area is to be better, not only di erent when innovating, combining complex functions and technology into simplicity. I value the environment and the human aspects of every project. Because in the end, everything must be about creating a better world for everybody.
If you are now thinking, after reading this, that this would have been a perfect match if I only had more experience. What if experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time! 
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